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What We Do

Performance K9 Training is a specialized dog training and boarding facility located in a serene country setting. Founded by David Greene, who has represented the United States in four world teams with his dogs, our facility offers a comprehensive training program aimed at helping pet owners establish an ideal relationship with their pets. 

 We are so excited to make you a part of the family!

First Class Care

all the best for them

Performance K9 Training believes in training both pets and pet owners to maximize the potential for long-term success in their relationships. We emphasize the importance of understanding each dog's unique personality and tailoring programs accordingly.

Boarding and Training 

for your little (or big) one

While you're away, your precious pup still needs training. Our boarding and training programs keep the training going while you focus on the bigger picture
We wont tell your pooch that you aren't out buying bones, promise!

Specialized Programs

For Pets and Owners

Our specialized programs are tailored to you and your canine companions needs. From tackling aggressive behavior to pushing through those first tricky training steps. Stop biting, barking jumping and more with PK9.

Our Programs 

Every dog has their own personality, that's why we create a training plan tailored to you and your furry friend. 
From standard puppy training with our Yappy Puppy Program, to our specialized Aggression Rehabilitation Program, PK9 is prepped to teach your Paw Pal anything. 

All paws, big and small deserve the best. So we start your new puppy on our Yappy Puppy Program. A unique program for puppies under five months that include two private lessons before official board and train.

Our custom behavioral board and training packages ensure your pooch is the perfect house guest, tackling home and leash manners, recall, as well as basic and advanced training for a polished result.

We know that not every dog gets off to the right start and behavioral issues and aggression can pop up at any time. Our aggression rehabilitation program keeps the relaxing walk you take in the park just that, calm! Train away your barking and biting woes with Performance K9 Training. 

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We strive to keep both you and your pup as happy and comfortable as possible while you’re out earning those big bucks or taking a big break, That's why we offer a free consultation with an expert trainer for all dogs big and small. 

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As a  team of experienced dog owners and lovers, we really get to know you and your dog and we can guarantee consistent and personal care that is equal to your love and attention.

Based in the Heart of the serene Fallbrook Countryside, Your paw-fect pal can enjoy our fun focused boarding services in the San Diego area.

We are so excited to make you a part of the family!